Drug Rehab in Duluth – GA

Drug rehabilitation facilities and the road to recovery

Arriving at the decision that you need to make a change and enroll in a substance abuse treatment facility is a major milestone on your road to recovery. However, this is not an easy decision, especially when you do not know what lies ahead. It is normal to feel anxious and uncertain. One way to reduce the anxiety is to better understand what addiction recovery involves. This better prepares you for what lies ahead as you embark on a recovery journey that frees you from addiction. The programs offered at our drug rehab centers are customized to fit the need of every client. There are several steps in the addiction recovery process.


When you enroll at our addiction recovery facility, you will meet with a counselor to discuss the recovery process. The initial visit is an interview process that allows the professional to get to know more about you. You will be asked about your substance abuse history. A physical examination is also conducted. This helps the counselors and professionals know how best to approach your treatment. The interview is a friendly session that discusses your addiction and the likely events that led to it.

The details and information discussed in this meeting are held confidentially. The questions are not meant to be interrogative, they are designed to help the drug rehab facility to get a better understanding of who you are and the issues in play. It is advisable for clients to be open during this meeting. The primary goal of the counselors and the professionals is to help you recover. The approach of the addiction treatment center is holistic. This is why they will ask you questions that touch on different aspects of your life.


This is the process where the body is cleansed from the harmful substances. The professionals in the drug detox clinic will walk you through the process before it begins. The detox stage can be scary because of withdrawal symptoms. When your system gets hooked on a particular drug, the brain may become dependent on the substance. Naturally, it will resist the detoxification process. Withdrawal symptoms are unique depending on the drug used, the level of addiction, and the length of the addiction. The addiction recovery center will come up with a program that is customized for the individual based on the above factors. The detox program is closely supervised by a counselor in the addiction treatment center. The detox process sets in motion the recovery journey. The best thing about being in a substance abuse treatment facility is that you walk the journey with others. This gives you encouragement, and you also learn and interact with people who have gone through the same and made a full recovery.


Once the client has undergone detoxification, rehabilitation begins. At this stage, co-occurring disorders are evaluated and diagnosed. Therapy also kicks in at the rehabilitation phase. The most common form of therapy used in an addiction recovery program is cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of psychotherapy addresses negative thought patterns. These thoughts are challenged by looking at the beliefs that inform these patterns. The distractive thought patterns are restructured and positive self-esteem and inner motivation are fostered. This stage also combines group therapy and individual therapy. This is in an effort to produce holistic and optimal results. Therapy is also an aftercare coping mechanism in the addiction recovery program.


Aftercare is an essential component in the rehabilitative process. Aftercare deals with relapse prevention. Once you enroll in the addiction treatment facility, the counselors will discuss with you a plan to help you cope and adjust once you leave the facility. The aftercare program takes into account your individual challenges. It also equips the client with information on how to deal with society at large once they leave the center.

At Unity Healing Center, our drug rehab facility in Duluth, Georgia, we equip you with the necessary tools and information you need to live a life free from addiction.