Drug Rehab in BROOKFIELD – WI

Healing in Brookfield, VA

The lure of drugs and alcohol can play tricks on the person who falls into chronic, habitual use. If the use of intoxicants becomes uncontrollable, the impact on a person’s life can be hugely negative. A reliance on drugs can lead to an inability to carry out life’s daily responsibilities, eventually leading to the loss of a career, reputation, and financial stability.

Ultimately, out of control substance abuse is ruinous. Is it worth it? No, of course not, but sadly, the physical need for drugs and alcohol can override all reason. The good news is that today there are many drug rehab centers dedicated to helping people end their addiction. Unity Healing Center substance abuse treatment facility in Brookfield, Wisconsin is an addiction recovery centers that can provide impeccable care with compassion.

Checking in For Treatment

When a client comes in for treatment at our drug rehab facility in Brookfield, they will first meet with a counselor who will evaluate the situation. From there, an individualized plan will be created that combines healthcare support with counseling and other services. The drug rehab facility here is dedicated to a dual diagnosis approach to treatment. This means the treatment here focuses on both the substance abuse issues as well as their mental health. It’s been found that both of these issues are often driving the client’s need for substances, and both must be treated in order to avoid a vicious cycle of dependence.

Detoxification in the Drug Rehab Center

As treatment begins, the client will undergo detox in our Brookfield addiction recovery facility in order to cleanse the body of the harmful chemicals keeping you addicted. Stopping the flow of intoxicants can cause the body to go into withdrawal, with symptoms that can include vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, fever and anxiety. A licensed healthcare professional will be supervising the detox the entire time to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during the process. Once the detox is complete, the client transitions into counseling.


After detox at our Brookfield drug detox clinic, the client enters therapeutic counseling in order to address the psychological issues that are driving the addiction. The client will attend one-on-one therapy and group sessions. In both types of counseling, the client is encouraged to be honest and open about their experiences as well as what substance abuse has done to their well-being and mental health. Every client will be fully supported by the other members of the recovery community, so that the counseling will be a positive experience that leads to healing.

Other activities will also be offered during the addiction recovery program, including outdoor events, hiking, meditation, and even art therapy classes. Yoga classes can also help to encourage a feeling of wellness and connection in the client. As the client begins to embrace their sobriety, they connect more with other members of the recovery community and get in touch with life experiences they may have neglected while they were intoxicated.


As the client’s course of treatment comes to an end, plans will be made for ongoing healing as an outpatient. An aftercare plan will be designed by a counselor at the Brookfield addiction treatment center, which may include signing up for a group home where they will live with others in recovery. Some clients will enroll in ongoing outpatient therapy sessions, as well as twelve-step meetings.

Ultimately, every client who goes through treatment at the clinic must realize that their commitment to sobriety must be ongoing. By staying in outpatient therapy and twelve-step classes, recovery will be supported, making it easier to avoid relapse.

Is it time to take the courageous step towards recovery? When you’re ready, contact our addiction recovery center in Brookfield, Wisconsin to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated staff at the addiction treatment facility is ready to help you heal.